The Manchester Association of Engineers or MAE was formally  established on the 14th January 1856.

The original purpose of the Manchester Association of Engineers was set down as :-

The bringing together of those engaged in the design, direction or superintendence of engineering works and operations, for mutual improvement and assistance, increase of acquaintance and for promoting frequent exchange of opinion on interesting questions constantly arising from the progressive nature of engineering.

Throughout its life The Manchester Association of Engineers has included within its membership many eminent engineers and others representing the great and small in manufacturing, design and educational establishments of the area.  It attracts many distinguished speakers and its transactions have been regularly sought by libraries and other organisations in many countries.

Our members are involved with and give lectures on many prestigious projects with subjects including Roller Coaster Design, The London Eye, Wembley Stadium, Welding In Construction and The Museum of Science & Technology to name just a few.


                                                             Exam Success


                                                             Jonathan I S Mann one of our youngest members has just

                                                             successfully finished his Masters Degree in Nuclear Science &

                                                            Technology  at The University of Manchester.


                                                             Jonathan is now studying for his PhD with Rolls Royce

Dr Allan Mann  - Award

Past President Dr Allan Mann of Sale has been awarded the Gold Medal
by the Institute of Structural Engineers for Outstanding Contributions to
Structural Engineering.  Allan has been heavily involved with many outstanding
and well known engineering projects throughout his career.

He has given the Association lectures on many of these  projects including
The London Eye, Wembley Stadium, Vibrating Structures and Roller Coasters.
His experience with the London Eye means that he is much sought after on
similar projects around the world in a problem solving capacity.  He was recently
Interviewed by Sky News regarding the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan



 World Record Attempt


 Following the lecture by Nigel Macknight - Driver and

 Director of the ‘Quiksilver World Water Speed Record’

 attempt given on September 14th 2010.  Mr Macknight

 made the MAE a member of his Corporate Club and

 The MAE name will be emblazoned on his vessel when

 he makes his record breaking attempt.


 This gives the MAE a chance to help support a cutting

 edge engineering project and promotes our association.

 The high profile of this endeavour may encourage

  youngsters to enter the world of engineering and maybe

 even to join the MAE.  We wish Nigel the best of luck in his challenge and look forward to his promised

  return lecture when he will tell us how his attempt faired - Hopefully he will return triumphant!




AGM 2011 - Change of Presidency
The AGM was held  at the usual venue
in the Hough End Centre.   At the
meeting outgoing president Dr John
Glithero handed over to Mr Jonathan
Mann.  The proceedings were followed
by a talk on church organ manufacture
by Mr Martin Denny of Jardine
Church Organs.
Anson Engine Museum - Restoration
The Anson Engine Museum celebrated the
first public running of their newly restored Mill
Engine on Friday 18th September 2011.  MAE
member Geoff Challinor MBE is pictured with
the Mayor and an ex employee from the factory
the engine was rescued from who had the honour
of starting the engine for the first time.
MAE President Jonathan Mann attended the  running
on behalf of the Association.  Video of the  running
of the Mill Engine and some of the engines in the
museum is available on the Associations ‘You Tube
You Tube Channel

The MAE now has it own ‘You Tube Channel’ featuring videos of trips and other news or
general items of interest.  Click on this link to view   MAE You Tube Channel


 Site Visit To Springfields  Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant


                                                                   A group of our members visited the Springfields Nuclear

                                                                   Fuel plant near Preston on the 11th September 2011.  We

                                                                   enjoyed a guided tour round the facilities after enjoying

                                                                   lunch in their canteen.  The  tour included a presentation

                                                                   and a visit to various facilities around the extensive site

                                                                    by mini bus.  We saw the manufacture of fuel rods and

                                                                    the subsequent procedures to form a ‘Fuel Assembly’.  

                                                                    The plant is highly automated and is extremely interesting.

                                                                   We highly recommend a visit if you missed out.  More

                                                                   pictures are available on our photo page.

Forthcoming Lecture
The next meeting will be on Innovative Engineering in Medicine
As exemplified by  the development and use of light emitting
Materials in sleep masks for the treatment of diabetes induced blindness

Presented by Mr Richard Kirk CEO of PolyPhotonix

See programme for dates and venue